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Pain Management

Increase the quality of your pet's life by committing to improving their dental health.

For humans, regular preventative dental care is the foundation for healthy gums and teeth. The same is true for your pet. Periodontal disease affects more than 80% of pets over two years of age. It is called "The Silent Disease" due to its slow progression and serious consequences. Good dental health and hygiene reduces your pet’s chances for bacterial infections, which can cause serious illness and even internal organ failure. 


Pets' teeth and gums are similar to our own. Food material, bacteria, and saliva accumulate and adhere to the tooth surface, forming plaque. We brush our teeth daily to remove the plaque because if daily accumulation is not removed, harmful bacteria can build under the gum line, destroying the bone that surrounds our teeth. 


Pet dental procedures include a thorough oral examination, ultrasonic descaling and cleaning, and polishing. Advances in pet dentistry make it possible to treat more severe tooth and gum problems. Our doctors constantly study the latest information about pet dentistry, to offer your pet the best care available.

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