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Senior Wellness

Did you know that our canine and feline friends age anywhere from
5 to 7 years for every one of our human years? Some people fail to realize that since pets age much faster than we do, they can be considered “senior citizens” when the age of 7 is reached.

Kansas City Veterinary Care Senior Wellness

As pets age certain changes are often apparent. Older pets commonly start to show signs of vision and hearing loss, behavioral problems, dental problems, arthritis, constipation and obesity. The nutritional needs of pets also change as they age. Other undesirable changes occur internally and may be unrecognizable to even the most observant pet owner. For example, diseases of the heart, kidney, liver, lungs and other internal organs can threaten the life of your older pet without you being aware of it.


Many of these problems are quite treatable, or at least controllable if detected early. To permit early detection of age related problems, we recommend a Senior Health Profile for your dog and/or cat 7-years-old or older. This health evaluation will be tailored to your pet’s particular needs.


Please feel free to call our office to discuss the benefits your pet will receive from this. A Senior Health Profile should be done every year for senior citizens of the pet world to insure a healthy and comfortable life. Yearly or even bi-yearly exams provide monitoring of any health issues that may have been previously detected or may be detected in the future.

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